How To Pick The Right Interior Designer For You In Malaysia

How To Pick The Right Interior Designer For You In Malaysia


Choosing the right interior designer is essential to turning your living area into a stylish and practical space of living. 

But the question is: “How can you tell which interior design firm is the best and most appropriate for your specific needs?”Selecting the wrong ID firms might sabotage the project and even end up costing you much more than you initially expected. Although there aren't any hard guidelines about what makes a good interior design firm, there are some principles we can go by to help us assess the quality and ensure you're paying for your buck.


Interior Designers: Who Are They?

An interior designer can work with your developer and architect to construct a bespoke home that reflects your way of life and design style. They are in charge of giving you professional advice on how to make the most use of your remodelling funds as well as design concepts and 3D models.  

They can also help with renovations, assisting you to remodel any area in your house. Interior designers often conduct both execution and planning work, allowing you to focus on other tasks while your home is being redesigned. 

They often have extensive experience working together with you, your contractor, and the architect to choose designs that will guarantee that your preferred style is maintained throughout the house.

Interior designers use innovative and technical approaches to create useful, appealing environments that reflect your personality and improve your standard of life. They also ensure that your space is in compliance with local rules and regulatory standards in their design plans, as well as environmental sustainability. 


The New Era Of Designers: Architectural Interior Designers

Architectural Interior Designers

Within the field of interior design, architectural interior designers are uncommon. As the name suggests, they create harmonious and useful places by skillfully bridging the gap between interior design and architecture. Because of their extensive knowledge of architectural principles, these experts are able to control form, light, and space to create a coherent design.

However, Tectone Design believes that the best form of design requires architectural input, which flows deep into our design philosophy. To know more about this, contact our architects to explore the option of having architectural interior designs, or you can discover our projects and works here.

Here are some scope of work that architectural interior designers are involved in:


Spatial Planning

Architectural interior designers are skilled in optimising spatial layouts, making sure that each component of a room adds to its overall beauty and utility. In order to improve the overall design, they carefully arrange interior areas while taking into account a building's architectural framework.

Ability To Modify Building Structures

In contrast to traditional interior designers, architectural interior designers could work on structural changes. They can provide suggestions for altering ceilings, walls, or other architectural features so that they better suit the overall design concept.

Choice Of Materials Used

These designers have an excellent sense of what finishes and materials work best with a given space's architectural design. Every element, from wall treatments to flooring, has been thoughtfully chosen to complement the overall design idea.

How Do I Choose The Right Interior Designer For Me?

Step 1: Do Your Research

Identify The Styles You Prefer

Defining your style and inspiration is the first step in engaging an interior designer. You have to decide what you require, what your financial capability is, and how much time you are ready to commit to your project. If you don't know what kind of design you want, look for ideas for function and style that appeal to you.

Take the time to communicate your unique design and style choices. Whether you prefer minimalist modernism or timeless elegance, having a clear vision can help you locate a designer whose style matches your preferences.

Look up some internet inspiration or references.  Sometimes, Pinterest ideas might just help you visualise the style you want! Taking a peek at several property websites would also help you to see multiple realized design philosophies!


Set Your Budget

A budget must be established before beginning any interior design job. Communicate your financial limitations upfront so that designers may adjust their proposals appropriately. This guarantees that the partnership is both commercially and creatively sustainable.

Before starting a design plan, it is generally helpful for the designer to know how much you can afford. Inquire about your design firm's pricing structure.  It may be billed per hour, at cost plus, or at a fixed fee for the duration of the project. 

Share your expectations with them and ask for their comments. You may never be sure if the project's scope will end up costing more or, better yet, less than you anticipated. The majority of interior designers will start by inquiring about the money they have set aside for the makeover job before moving on to discuss design and remodelling options.


Do Your Due Diligence

Visit your social media pages for suggestions and look at websites that feature Malaysian interior designers' creations. Websites, social media, and review sites can offer insightful information on the reputation and aesthetics of different designers.

Examine prospective interior designers' portfolios to get a sense of their style. Seek for stylistic diversity, meticulous attention to detail, and the ability to design environments that capture the essence of the client. This is a crucial step in figuring out whether their design philosophy fits with your desired outcome.

Verify the credentials and membership in relevant professional associations of the designers you have narrowed down to a shortlist. Verify their credentials, educational history, and any honours that attest to their industry experience.

Never be afraid to ask former clients for recommendations. Direct communication with those who have used the designer's services may provide insightful information about their dependability, work ethic, and general client happiness.


Step 2: Schedule Interviews with Your Shortlisted ID Firms

Arrange in-person or online meetings with the designers you have narrowed down. This is your chance to have a thorough conversation about your project, find out how well they understand your vision, and evaluate their communication abilities. A designer who understands your needs and listens to you is what you should be looking for during the interviews.

In addition to making sure you like their style, you should try to get a sense of how they handle projects, try to grasp your vision, maintain organisation, and how connected and knowledgeable they are.


Step 3: Understand Communication Methods Between Parties

Once you have chosen your preferred designer, it is time to sit down and know each other better.

The foundation of any successful design project is effective communication. Make sure the designer is receptive to your ideas and values working together. Realising your vision requires a pleasant working partnership. Find out the designer's preferred method of communication and scheduling meetings, and confirm that it is convenient for you too. Find out how the company usually presents its designs.

You should confirm that you and your designer can have open communication about your ideas and perspectives. To truly understand your vision for your house, it's critical that they pay careful attention to what you have to say and explore thoroughly.

Now, when the boxes are all ticked, you find yourself the perfect designer for your home!



Selecting the best interior designer in Malaysia requires significant thought and in-depth investigation. You may start your design project with confidence if you follow these steps and make sure the designer you've picked fits your expectations, style, and budget. Your ideal place is closer than you may imagine when you have the appropriate partner by your side.


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